Hi, I am Blaine.

Professionally, I am a graphic and web designer with experience in marketing and web design with a fondness for logo design and branding. Personally, I’ve been practicing calligraphy for a few years now and really enjoy exploring the variety in letterform. I like to take photos, most of which end up on my instagram account, although I have done it professionally through clients at different agencies with which I’ve worked.

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After working for 17+ years in the design & marketing industries I’ve had my hands on a lot of different projects. Recently I’ve been working with an internal team to design strategies, marketing collateral, logos & branding, websites and print materials for a variety of clients in a consulting environment.

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My Brand

Why is working on your own logo always so difficult?

I’ve designed my logo three times throughout my career and it usually takes me a while. I went through many concepts before landing on the final mark. I’m very pleased with this interpretation. It is structured and rigid with little organic flares to tone down the aggression. My logo really speaks to my love for calligraphy and blackletter.

  • Logo Iteration 1
  • Logo Iteration 2
  • Logo Iteration 3
  • Logo Iteration 4
  • Logo Iteration 5
  • Logo Iteration 6
  • Logo Iteration 7
  • Logo Final

My other logo concepts.

My Latest Photo

I’ve been fascinated with photography from a young age. The camera I had as a kid was a neon-orange, 35mm camera that took 110 size film. The kind of film that was roll to roll and kind of looked like a old-school phone icon. I’ve been shooting photos since!

Here is my latest Instagram photo. Sometimes they’re weird, lol.

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